Movie Poster Design

Shem recently was commissioned to design this movie poster for Beechwood Film‘s Sanjay Nagar for his new film Apprentice. Thanks to Suthi Picotte for her fantastic camera work, facilitating him with a great photo to start with. He built up layers of grit and grain to create an image that is both haunting and intriguing. read more →

Conference Announcement Email

Based on the marketing materials and this year’s theme developed for the Ebix Health User Group‘s annual conference, we designed this email to announce next year’s event. read more →

Seminar Luncheon Invitation Design

One of our clients, Children’s Community School asked again this year, for to create an invite card for their annual Progressive Education discussion/luncheon (last year’s invite). We utilized their identity colors and imagery that communicates the teacher’s influence in understand the world and the politics that that creates. read more →

Banner Ad Design

We recently completed a flash banner ad for Children’s Community School. It is currently running on Studio City Patch! read more →

Prospectus Email

For the 2011 ISMP Cheers Awards, we designed this call for sponsorships and donations based on the existing printed materials for the event. read more →

Non-Profit Poster Design

We recently designed this 11×17 poster for Children’s Community School as part of an advertising campaign encouraging enrollment for the 2012-2013 school year. The poster is meant to be hung in select progressive pre-schools around the Los Angeles area. read more →

Save the Date Email

In advance of the 2011 ISMP Cheers Awards, we designed this save the date email based on a postcard mailer for the event. read more →

Email Marketing, A Conference Follow Up

Our client, Ivera Medical, has a presence at a lot of regional and national conferences, spreading the word about their products and port protection in general. They meet a large number of people, gather contact info and network. To maximize their marketing opportunities, they now are sending follow up emails after each appearance. This is.. read more →

Dark WordPress Music Video Site

Tight deadlines, no problem. We modified an off-the-shelf WordPress theme to match the aesthetic of all the marketing for the music video Istanbul and the mysterious Bad Ass Russian days in advance of the worldwide launch of the music video. See for yourself: read more →

Whitepaper Email

Another Ivera Medical email design. This time to announce a free white paper on technology and its role in reducing risks associated with CRBSI. It served as indirect marketing of their Curos product while educating the medical sector on this important finding. read more →