A Birthday Shirt For My Sister

I promised my sister that I would make a shirt for her for her birthday and this is what I came up with. After a few false starts with some frankenpaterns, I decided to self draft it and that worked out MUCH better. It is made out of a thick t-shirt type cotton and is.. read more →

eLearning Announcement Email

Our long standing client, TerraPharma Project & unSUMMIT has now began promoting an eLearning component, new to their offerings. We are in the process of building a new site for this venture but to kick things off, they are having their first online seminar at the end of February. This is an email that we.. read more →

Elegant Custom Blog Template

One of our long standing (and really talented) clients, Suthi Picotte uses her company’s blog for a large part of Picotte Photography’s marketing. Therefore, she felt it was time for us to create a custom WordPress blog template/theme to match the site and portal that we had designed in the past. In addition, it was.. read more →

Email Newsletter – Microsoft Advertising News 2012

We’ve been designing, coding and preparing these Microsoft Advertising emails for quite a few years now. For late 2011/2012 we re-desinged this template to have a more clear, image and headline approach that then links out to articles on the web. We prepare these in multiple languages, usually with tight deadlines. read more →

Graphic Design Portfolio Site

We produced and launched this graphic design portfolio site for a dear family member, Debbie Ladas, complete with animated portal page and slider portfolio presentations all viewable on an iPad. Take a peek: www.debbieladasdesign.com read more →

Call for Sponsorship in Email Form

Getting the word out is especially important when calling for sponsorships. Hit them from every direction, email, direct mail and plain old-fashioned face time sometimes does the trick. We designed this email for Local Government Academy to send out to their email list for Newly Elected Officials Course Sponsorships in 2011 & 2012. read more →

The Pills at Molly Malone’s

A fun night out with some good music and good friends, documented. read more →

Dark Stationary

Continuing on the dark theme of his company’s site and branding, Joesph Bishara wanted stationary cards for his Void Recordings Record Label that have the same low contrast, black scratched up feel while still being able to write on and discern the note on one side with a black Sharpie. The printer thought we were.. read more →

The Salon October 2011

We had a great time documenting the last Salon of 2011! read more →

School Event Invitation Design

We designed this printed invitation for Children’s Community School for their annual Grandfriend’s Day Event. We utilized their branding and a gorgeous candid shot from a previous year’s event to highlight the soul of what this event is about. read more →