About Us

Unnaturally Geisha Studios Inc
handmade design for the digital age

We specialize in web design, interactive applications, graphic design, identity, product design, audio/video production and animation. With a focus on quality design, leading technologies and customer satisfaction, we consistently deliver successful solutions for all our clients, from small businesses to non-profits and multi-national corporations. We’re a little techie, a little geeky, and a lot creative. Each project is made-to-order, you will never be shoved through a hole that your business doesn’t fit. No cookie-cutter solutions, no rigid approach.

Shem, Founding Partner
An award winning filmmaker, Shem is an artistic jack of all trades. He brings his expertise in color, pictograms, illustration, music composition, video & film direction, animation and writing to the table. His identity work rivals his ability to coax amazing performances out of actors – not an easy task.


Danica, Founding Partner
She’s an artist, she’s a techie, she can even set up your home entertainment system if you get on her good side. Danica has the rare talent combination of exemplary design skills with technical know how. She can speak “programmer” and “layman” fluidly. Her specialties include digital marketing, information architecture, interface, web, mobile web, product and print design.

Resumes and references available upon request.

Unnaturally Geisha Studios has been inordinately helpful in fulfilling a design vision and really getting a specific aesthetic implemented across multiple mediums. Shem and Danica aside from being wonderful people truly are intuitively gifted artists, complementing each other perfectly… and are some of the most reliable of anyone I’ve worked with across any platform.
Joesph Bishara
Film Composer, Owner
Void Recordings